Weber Original Gourmet BBQ System Cooking Grate, Genesis 300 series

Get ready to expand your barbecuing horizons while delivering professional results -- and get the most out of your Weber® gas grill.


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2 Reviews
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Part #7587

The stainless steel cooking grate has a 12-inch stainless steel grate insert. With the insert in place, you’re all set for traditional grilling. For more versatile cooking options, remove the insert and replace with any of the Gourmet BBQ System™ components, like the wok, griddle, or sear grate (each sold separately). Fits Genesis® 300™ series gas grills.  Dimensions: 23.7" long, 17.4" wide, 0.6" high.

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2 Reviews

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Rating: 3 stars

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Rating: 1 stars

January 18, 2016


Wrong set up for a wok

I agree with another reviewer, this accessory should be a one piece replacement for the LHS grate allowing a wok to be positioned over the sear station. True wok cooking requires high heat. The Gourmet grate for the Summit series (Part# 7585) which other users have complained is also wrongly positioned for the Summit, is potentially better for the Genesis (although a little short in length and width). Given that these observations are nearly 2 years old, does Weber pay any attention to its customers?

Hi Frank! Thanks for sharing your feedback. The GBS grates are not designed to be used with the sear station, you will to achieve the high heat needed by turning the main burners on high. Make sure to preheat the grill with the wok in it before cooking for 10-15 minutes.

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Rating: 5 stars

May 20, 2013


Not exactly suited for the Genesis 300?

I haven't bought this accessory yet, but it strikes me as a bit flawed in design. It seems mainly suited to allow the use of a wok. For wok cooking, you pretty much want the highest heat possible. The design of this grate might be perfect for summit series or other grills where the sear station burner is in the center, but on the Genesis 300 series, the sear station is on the left: between burners 1 and 2. So, to me, it would make more sense if the cut-out for the wok was positioned to align the wok over the sear station burner.

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